Australian regulators expand pre-employment testing Terovesalainen
Australian regulators expand pre-employment testing exceptions to better streamline hiring processes.

CASA Reissues Relief From Drug and Alcohol Pre-Hire Requirements

New CASA procedures eliminate redundancy for drug and alcohol pre-employment testing.

Printed headline: Draining Redundancy

Maintenance organizations approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are getting additional relief from redundant pre-employment drug and alcohol testing requirements. In February, Australia’s regulatory body renewed and expanded a blanket exemption for recently tested new hires.

CASA regulations require organizations to establish a drug and alcohol management plan (DAMP) that provides for testing of all new employees performing safety-sensitive aviation activities. Since 2016, new-hires tested in the last 90 days by another DAMP organization have been exempt from the requirement.

The renewal expands the exemption. DAMP organizations may now accept test results obtained in the last 90 days by any organization (not just those organizations with a DAMP), so long as the test was conducted according to CASA regulatory standards.

Hiring organizations are no longer required to report utilization of the exemption to CASA, assuming recordkeeping procedures properly document the pre-hire test. And while the previous exemption was only applicable for pre-employment testing conducted in the same manner provided for in the hiring organization’s DAMP policy, that provision has been revised to require that the previous testing adhere to CASA regulatory standards. 

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