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EASA Proposed AD for A330 Cargo Door Area

The proposed airworthiness directive would supersede an earlier one due to new findings about door fitting attachment holes.

EASA issued a proposed airworthiness directive for several models of Airbus A330 due to surface treatment found in some door fitting attachment holes. If not corrected, the tartaric sulfuric anodizing or chromic acid anodizing surface treatment could crack the surface, which due to its location at the bulk cargo door frames, could result in the inflight loss of the cargo door.

This proposed AD would supersede EASA AD 2016-0102 (June 2016) due to discoveries that only MSN 400-1779 were affected by the treatment in the attachment holes. However, while the earlier serial numbers were not impacted by the same issue, the same holes are suspect to fatigue, so Airbus redefined the inspection intervals based on model and utilization.

The proposed AD also offers an optional modification, which would eliminate the inspection requirement found in the AD.

EASA is accepting comments on this proposed AD through Dec. 5.

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