PMA marking

FAA Clarifies Parts Manufacturer Marking Requirements

The FAA recently revised its internal guidance to clarify PMA part-marking requirements

The FAA recently amended Order 8110.42, Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Procedures. The minor adjustment reiterates that PMA holders may maintain marking procedures in a separately controlled document outside the PMA application package. Doing so avoids the fanfare generally associated with regulator notification of changes to information—such as a company name—that impact part markings.

“The [FAA] rules require each PMA manufacturer to permanently and legibly mark each part (14 C.F.R. § 45.15(a)),” points out Modification and Replacement Parts Association President Jason Dickstein. “But they do not require PMA drawings to specify details about the marking.”

The revision came in the wake of an FAA memo clarifying that a PMA holder is not required to illustrate its marking in design data. While its methodology and “marking scheme” must be included, the detail can be included in referenced documentation. 

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