FAA Seeks Members For Repair Station Guidance Working Group

FAA is looking for industry stakeholders to join working group to improve repair station guidance materials.

The FAA is looking for industry professionals who want to join an Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee working group that will endeavor to improve Part 145 repair station guidance material. 

The working group will perform a comprehensive review of internal and external guidance, including FAA orders, notices, advisory circulars, job aids and data-collection tools. It will then make recommendations to ensure guidance is in line with the regulatory structure, that compliance expectations are clear and consistent and that FAA oversight resources are expended according to the “amount, type, scope, and complexity of work being performed and the certificate holders’ size.”

Although the anticipated directive will not include formal rulemaking, the agency acknowledges that supplemental material has real practical effect on those subject to FAA regulations: “While guidance documents do not have the force of law in the way regulations do, they are often heavily relied on internally to establish, issue, and describe agency policy, responsibilities, methods, and procedures.”

The working group’s primary objective will be to ensure guidance documents properly reflect regulatory requirements and help ensure consistent application of agency guidance and standards.

Working group members will be expected to attend regular, in-person meetings and conference calls during an anticipated 30-month period. Participant solicitations are made via the U.S. Federal Register. 

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