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International Partners Enhance Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements

U.S., China, Europe move forward on bilateral aviation safety harmonization process.

Printed headline: Love Triangle

The FAA and the Civil Aviation Administration of China have finalized the first arrangement executing the U.S.-China Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement. The Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness set forth the products and articles eligible for import under the terms of the bilateral and the means of providing for their continued support.

The U.S.-China safety agreement—established in 2005—lays the foundation for several areas of cooperation. While airworthiness is an obvious first step, the agreement also provides the opportunity to streamline certification and oversight responsibilities for maintenance facilities, flight operations and crewmembers and aviation training institutions.

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The U.S.-China deal follows in the wake of another international partnership milestone. Revision Six of the Technical Implementation Procedures, signed by European Aviation Safety Agency and FAA officials on Sept. 22, provides for the mutual acceptance of all repair data and previously exempted technical-standard order authorizations (TSOA). The revised agreement enters into force in March 2018.

To complete the circle, this past summer the European Union and China announced that aviation authorities were nearing final stages of bilateral development. The move to streamline certification and oversight activities has been in the works since the two administrations signed a letter of intent in 2013. 

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