A blown tire at Singapore airport ATSB.GOV.AU

Tire Failure Prompts Australian Transport Safety Investigation

A blown tire at Singapore airport triggers a cascade of events.

A Jetstar Airways Boeing 787-8 carrying 231 passengers from Singapore to Melbourne suffered damage to a flap torque tube when debris from a delaminated tire punctured the left inboard wing panel. After receiving a wing flap fault error, the crew returned to Singapore safely, despite a fuel-filled aircraft and high-speed landing.

The operator reported that the delamination was a first for its 787 fleet. Upon further analysis, the part manufacturer concluded that the tire—Michelin part number M42202—had not yet reached its average life cycle and that the chevron cutting along its tread indicated operation on an “aggressive” (i.e., grooved) runway surface.


Maintenance records indicate that required visual inspections were completed upon the aircraft’s arrival in Singapore, but that the “aircraft may have been parked with the [tire] tread positioned such that the initiation site was not visible.”

In its final report, Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators highlighted the operator’s “proactive safety action,” which included a notice to the maintenance line station and third-party organizations explaining the incident and underpinning inspection and tire replacement requirements. No formal safety recommendations were made. 

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