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Certified Aviation Services Adopts ClockVIEW Time And Attendance Software

The MRO provider says the new software will allow more efficient workforce tracking and invoicing.

Certified Aviation Services (CAS) has chosen to implement Acumen Data Systems’ ClockVIEW software to manage time and attendance. As part of Acumen’s ServiceVIEW software suite, ClockVIEW will enable CAS to track its workforce more efficiently, which the MRO provider says is a key element in operations. 

“Acumen Data Systems will improve our ability to manage manpower to support our customers with adequate workforce,” says Michael Stafford, CAS’ president of line maintenance. “The software will further provide our customers with efficient invoicing, allowing the customer to better understand the services being provided to them.”

According to CAS, the software was ultimately chosen due to Acumen’s willingness to customize ClockVIEW for CAS’ needs in regard to the creation of work orders and invoicing. This functionality will be completely integrated into the software and designed for automation. CAS employees will access the software on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets, which will enable paperless line maintenance operations and live feedback. Additionally, the company’s headquarters will be able to see what is happening at its stations across the United States.

While Acumen says CAS is its primary aviation industry customer, other companies using ClockVIEW and JobVIEW for work order and employee time management include DeCrane Aerospace, Kaman and UTC Aerospace Systems.

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