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Commsoft Plans For Tomorrow

UK MRO IT specialist's MRO forsees greater demand for mobile apps, RFID platforms for component tracking.

Predicting a much greater use of mobile apps and web enablement in the field of parts tracking by MROs, UK-based software provider Commsoft plans to develop new apps for this environment, says managing director Nick Godwin.

“We are in close consultation with lead customers,” Godwin says of the development stage.

“We are also seeing growing interest in radio-frequency identification (RFID) platforms and greater user customizations of related generated reports,” he adds.

Godwin says many of the demands of Commsoft’s maintenance customers are also centered on RFID for components, including tooling and greater use of mobile applications to manage material stocks in the hangar.

These are just some of many however for its MRO IT system, which works in both MRO, parts supplier and CAMO environments.

“We have also seen much greater demand for commercial management of parts by our MRO customers, especially related to parts consumption, quotations management and maintenance costs projections and tracking against budgets.”

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