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Competence Management Software Provider Gains Ground

ELMS Aviation software is being adopted by MROs, airlines and-increasingly-supply chain customers.

ELMS Aviation has just received its first formal approval for the company’s competence management software within a Part-145 approved maintenance organization. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has validated European low-cost carrier Jet2’s integration of the software, which is embedded within the airline’s engineering and maintenance operations throughout Europe.

As ELMS’ initial launch customer, Jet2 began implementation of the software on a trial basis in 2015. Jet2’s engineering and maintenance employees maintain individual accounts within the software that allow them to maintain their competence records and validate their work experience.

This approval follows Monarch Aircraft Engineering’s recent implementation of the software to manage competence and compliance of its technicians. Even more recently, aviation structural component specialist ACLAS Technics signed up for the software in March, which ELMS Aviation says is part of a recent wave of interest the company has seen developing within the supply chain.

According to a spokesperson for ELMS Aviation, the company is increasingly being invited to present to Part-M approved organizations within the supply chain. While the software’s functionality is not fundamentally different within the supply chain than it is for ELMS Aviation’s typical MRO and operator customers, a spokesperson says the manner in which these companies use the software and analyze data from it varies greatly.

ELMS Aviation says supply chain organizations have far less detailed instruction and guidance in terms of regulations surrounding personnel competence and that the industry is looking to create more structure. Additionally, says the company’s spokesperson, maintaining oversight and visibility of outsourced activities is made harder by a lack of comprehensive personnel competence data throughout supply chain organizations. ELMS competence management software provides a platform to record employee competence data, conduct on-the-job assessments and build up a log of validated task experience. According to the company, analyzing this competence data allows supply chain organizations to drive operational standards, identify risks and implement measures to mitigate against escalation.

ELMS Aviation’s spokesperson says the company is keen to launch the product in the U.S. market, particularly since the FAA’s personnel competence requirements are closely aligned with those of EASA. ELMS Aviation has doubled the number of organizations using the software platform since the start of 2017 and the company says it is currently engaged in negotiations with a number of other organizations, including a new customer that will be announced soon.

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