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Digital Metrology Releases New 3D Surface Analysis Software

OmniSurf3D builds on the company’s previous software offering with a streamlined interface and functionality to visualize and interpret aircraft component surface textures.

Digital Metrology Solutions has released a new software package for 3D surface and texture visualization and analysis. Building on the company’s existing OmniSurf2D software—which is used by a number of aircraft, engine and component manufacturers—OmniSurf3D will provide a suite of 3D surface analysis tools that the company says can be quickly mastered by novices and experts alike.

“Some years ago, we recognized a need for software that would help people outside of the metrology lab to explore their measured surfaces and better understand the effect on part functionality,” says Mark Malburg, president of Digital Metrology. “OmniSurf3D now fills a similar role but in a much power powerful and interactive way. It provides a remarkably thorough picture of 3D texture and its various analyses with the briefest of learning curves.”

Compared to OmniSurf2D, the new software package will allow users to explore and analyze 3D surface data and perform native, 3D analyses. A spokesperson for the company says 3D data will make it much easier to visualize and interpret the state of a surface’s texture and analyze how it may affect component performance compared to the cross-sectional view in OmniSurf2D. He adds that this could be used to measure a variety of things in MRO, such as: friction, sealing and airflow in engine components; assembly and strength of structural components; or appearance, feel, paintability and maintenance of interior or exterior components.

“With OmniSurf3D we wanted to create tools that let you quickly explore, understand and improve a surface, without requiring a great deal of mathematical interpretation or even a great deal of metrology knowledge,” says Malburg. “Providing accurate numerical results is fundamental to OmniSurf3D, but the ability to see and interact with the surface was our real focus, and that’s where the software really shines.”

OmniSurf3D has what the company describes as a streamlined interface, which puts all of its basic settings in one place. It includes a set of qualitative and quantitative measurement tools that allow users to alter filter parameters, rotate, zoom in on a particular region of interest and apply position cross-sectioning tools in real-time. Digital Metrology says the software can import and analyze measured data from nearly every 3D surface measurement instrument available on the market.

The software, which requires a Windows 7.1 or later operating system, is available for purchase now. Digital Metrology says the $2,600 price point for single-user licenses will make it affordable for entire teams. Currently, only single-user licenses are offered.

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