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GE Digital Launches New Asset Service Management Solution

Predix ServiceMax ASM seeks to help planners and technicians optimize maintenance outcomes.

GE Digital has just launched a new asset service management software solution aimed at maximizing uptime and improving maintenance outcomes. Predix ServiceMax Asset Service Management (ASM) is catered to planners, dispatchers and technicians with a host of functionality for keeping track of and understanding the service requirements of assets ranging from components and spares to engines and aircraft.

“Companies that operate mission critical assets have unique needs from our traditional field service management customers, such as OEMs and service-only organizations,” says Scott Berg, CEO, ServiceMax. “In recognizing these pain points for operators, our new ServiceMax ASM solution was built to meet the needs of companies that service a wide array of products they operate, increasing uptime, optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance.”

Berg says assets for industries such as aviation have become smarter and more complex thanks to technology such as IoT connectivity and predictive analytics, which requires a solution that goes behind traditional enterprise asset management software. With ServiceMax ASM, Berg says an example scenario of its usage within MRO could be within an AI-driven predictive maintenance schedule that has determined a predictive failure point and optimized what maintenance should take place and when.

“What the ServiceMax solution does is take that activity and assist the dispatcher or planner to try and identify the ideal technician or crew of technicians assigned to that work,” explains Berg. A technician would then access ServiceMax ASM via mobile device in the field to look up the work they have been assigned, service history on an asset, instructions, IoT data, sensor readings and more. After work is finished, the software can be used to record the work completed and parts consumed as well as handle compliance-required documentation and maintenance records. “You get a very intelligent sort of dispatch from a predictive standpoint,” says Berg. “You get intelligence in matching the right engineer and technician for the exact requirements of the job, and you get a very quick sort of closed-loop process where you immediately digitally recorded what the service engineer did, eliminating the need for any pieces of paper, binders and forms along the way.”

In addition to maximizing uptime and minimizing cost, Berg says the software solution helps develop better documentation and records of service activities that are actually taken versus recommendations and protocol from service manuals. “I think it improves the job of the technician, because you’re handing them a high-end device where they’re better equipped with real-time information of the situation they’re seeing and the ability to reach out to others for help,” he says.

GE Digital

GE Digital has been testing the product concept with some of its existing customers, including OEM manufacturers with asset operation or complex installation service businesses. Berg says these customers have pushed GE Digital to develop some of the specific capabilities available in ServiceMax ASM, particularly in terms of handling more complex work assignments with longer durations.

ServiceMax ASM can be combined with other Predix solutions—such as Predix Asset Performance Management, which can provide predictive AI capability for maintenance—but the software is also available as a standalone application in the cloud. The software will be subscription-based and priced monthly by the user based the size of workforce and number of assets being managed. The software is currently in a beta period and will become available in early 2019.

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