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IFS and PTC Join Forces on Parts Management Software

The companies will integrate their solutions for aviation maintenance, asset management, service parts optimization and field service management to improve supply chain operations.

Software specialists PTC and IFS have announced a collaboration which will integrate both companies’ solutions for aviation maintenance, asset management, service parts optimization and field service management to improve efficiency and part availability. IFS says the collaboration will bring together PTC Servigistics, IFS Applications, IFS Field Service Management and IFS Maintenix to provide more value to customers through a joint solution that connects field execution with service parts management.

According to Scott Helmer, president of IFS’ aerospace and defense business unit, Servigistics will complement IFS’ solutions by allowing for strategic parts planning functionality such as advanced forecasting, multi-echelon optimization and order recommendations. 

“One of the core value drivers for IFS Maintenix is the concept of delivering the right part on time. Not having the parts available to the mechanic when they are looking to perform maintenance can extend turnaround times for maintenance visits, keeping valuable aircraft assets from operating,” says Helmer. “We believe we will be even better when we include the advanced capabilities brought by PTC in supply network planning and spare parts optimization.”

Helmer says delivering the right parts on time will be possible at a lower cost through the integrated offering, which will enable maintenance operations to optimize where parts are positioned and hold onto only the parts they need at any given time. According to Helmer, this will be driven by IFS Maintenix’s forecasting data combined with the algorithms and approaches PTC has perfected. He adds that when IFS Maintenix’s procurement automation capabilities and Spec2000-based B2B protocols are combined with PTC’s intelligent purchase suggestions, a “truly automated material planning and procurement flow is enabled.”

“We believe this will not only result in a better service level in the supply chain through more rapid response to part demands, but it will also result in a substantial reduction in effort allowing the procurement group to focus more on high value activities,” he explains. 

According to Helmer, the integration of both companies’ solutions is already enabled at the core, so the combined offering is available now. The software systems will continue to be available individually, but IFS and PTC will be aligning more closely in marketing, sales and implementation efforts. The companies are not releasing specific pricing information at this time, but IFS says pricing will vary depending the scope of customer needs.

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