Rusada's Flight Log and Engineering Portal apps Rusada

Rusada Launching New Mobile Apps for Flight Data and Work Orders

Flight Log and Engineering Portal are just two of the new applications Rusada is developing to improve offline functionality.

Rusada is preparing to launch two new mobile applications, which will integrate with its Envision nGen aviation maintenance and engineering software suite. The applications, which provide functionality for flight data capture and maintenance work orders, were developed to work seamlessly in an offline environment to make connectivity a non-issue.

According to Cameron Molyneux, Rusada’s head of technology, the company focused on two guiding principles during the development process. “Firstly, users need access to the information they need when and where they need it. Our apps have been engineered to be used regardless of connectivity to the main nGen system” says Molyneux. “Secondly, maintenance information systems are only as good as the data that is input—our goal was to allow users to input accurate data with as little interruption to their day-to-day tasks as possible.”

The applications, called Flight Log and Engineering Portal, were based on requirements Rusada gathered from its user community, including airlines and MROs. Flight Log will allow flight crew to capture flight data for flight and roster monitoring. Meanwhile, Engineering Portal will enable users to download work orders and related task lists onto devices such as a tablet, where they can then be used in environments with limited connectivity. While in offline mode, the application will allow requests of parts and tools as well as sign-off on tasks. Once connectivity is restored, the application will synch with the main system and the actions will be triggered.

The applications, which began development last December, are planned for release in the coming weeks. Rusada is currently demonstrating both applications at this week’s Airline and Aerospace MRO and Flight Operations Conference in Amsterdam. “Although still in development phase, we have demonstrated the functionality of both applications to a selection of our customers and have been encouraged by the constructive feedback,” says Molyneux.

Earlier this year, Rusada told MRO Network that its plans for 2018 include building on capabilities of the newest version of Envision nGen—which was released in 2017—and helping clients with a number of dedicated mobile applications. According to a spokesperson, Rusada is currently looking at applications for crew, among other things. The company is also building a materials application for use in inventory departments and a cloud-based notification application called nGen InTouch. The latter will allow users to stay “in touch” with nGen when away from the system and not logged in.

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