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Software Streamlining MRO Operations

Software with a wide range of functionality is making MRO operations more accurate and efficient.

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1. Streamlining Paperless Operations

Product: Ultramain v9

Specifications: This aircraft maintenance and logistics software from Ultramain Systems provides a host of functionalities to support paperless operations, including electronic logbooks and task cards to replace paper versions. The resulting real-time data capture allows users to view the status of their operations, aircraft, stock movements and maintenance activities. Ultramain says it is continuing to enhance the software’s built-in functionality, which includes analytics, visualization and optimization. According to the company, customers using Ultramain v9 have more ops approvals from aviation regulatory authorities for paperless system-of-record software use than any other software.


2. Asset and Workflow Management

Product: IFS Enterprise Software

Specifications: IFS offers multiple software solutions for MRO, including IFS Maintenix—designed for streamlining maintenance workflows—and IFS Applications, for aircraft and component asset management. Maintenix capabilities include controlled workflow, automated maintenance and materials planning, and paperless execution and compliance. IFS Applications can be used to manage complex MRO operations and projects through enterprise resource planning functionality, including financials, purchasing, human resources and supply chain management.


3. Leveraging a Large User Community

Product: Swiss-AS AMOS

Specifications: AMOS software from Swiss-AS has been serving the business needs of airlines and MROs alike for more than two decades. Composed of seven modules—including functionality such as maintenance control, quality assurance and planning—AMOS helps users manage maintenance, engineering and logistics processes while assuring compliance with aviation regulations. In addition to recently added functionality for new-generation aircraft, Swiss-AS just launched AMOScentral, a cloud-based message broker to connect users.


4. Reduced Turnaround Times and Inventory Costs

Product: Ramco Aviation Suite

Specifications: With more than 21,000 customers using Ramco’s suite of aviation software to manage more than 4,000 aircraft globally, the company says the software’s comprehensive scope can cover the entire spectrum of an organization’s needs. In terms of MRO functionality, Ramco’s software promises to streamline maintenance operations with the shortest turnaround time (TAT) possible, resulting in a 50% reduction in TAT violation. The software’s capabilities include maintenance planning, configuration management, cost-tracing and supply chain logistics—which can provide a 20% reduction in inventory holding costs, Ramco says.

5. Minimizing Downtime

Product: SPM Studio

Specifications: Gordian’s SPM Studio minimizes downtime for aircraft, engines, work orders and more through its spare parts management functionality. Using actual lead times to calculate safety stocks and order levels, SPM Studio differentiates service levels between cheap, fast-moving parts and slow-moving, expensive parts. Additional features such as proactive forecasting, a key-performance-indicators dashboard and segmentation help to reduce inventory and logistics costs.

6. Real-Time Inspection Results

Product: GlobeRanger Emergency Equipment Management

Specifications:  Building on GlobeRanger’s RFID solutions, the company’s Emergency Equipment Management (EEM) application helps airlines and MROs determine when emergency equipment needs to be inspected or replaced in real time. Using a mobile RFID reader, technicians can walk through an aircraft as EEM automatically determines whether emergency equipment is present and serviceable. EEM produces digital reports of the inspection results and interfaces with GlobeRanger’s software suite to notify personnel when action is needed. In addition to being much faster than manual checks of emergency equipment, EEM helps to eliminate errors and save on costs related to slow turnarounds of aircraft.

7. 360-Deg. View of Operations

Product: Rusada Envision nGen

Specifications:  With its integrated suite of modules providing functionality across categories such as fleet management, line maintenance and materials, Rusada says its Envision nGen software gives users a 360-deg. view of their operation. Functionality for tasks—including managing stock across operations, monitoring line maintenance activities, component maintenance management and tracking safety and quality audits can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone. The software already has more than 100 installations worldwide and can integrate with other applications for added functionality.

Rusada Envision nGen

8. Digital Competence Management

Product: ELMS Competence Management Software

Specifications:  Designed to provide MRO organizations with a way to effectively evaluate and manage the competence of their staff, ELMS Competence Management Software promises low cost and an immediate return on investment. The software provides centralized visibility of qualification and training records, a logbook of validated experience records and an electronic competence-assessment tool. ELMS says the software’s benefits include easier compliance with regulatory requirements, enhanced safety and risk management and cost reduction through fewer errors.

9. MRO Enterprise Control

Product: Pentagon 2000SQL

Specifications:  On the market since 1986, Pentagon 2000SQL has provided a solution for fully integrated control and visibility across an MRO enterprise to over 1,000 customers. The software includes a long list of capabilities for improving efficiency, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and materials management. MRO-specific functionality gives users digital control over work orders, aircraft records, inventory, accounting and much


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