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Turkish Technic Selects ICRON's MRO Planning Software

The MRO provider says the software will optimize maintenance cards and decrease maintenance turnaround time.

Turkish Technic has selected ICRON’s MRO Planning software to optimize routine maintenance packages for aircraft. Using the software’s Maintenance Cards Interval functionality, Turkish Technic will be able to optimize balancing the distribution of task cards for planned maintenance. According to ICRON, this will increase productivity by minimizing early task card application and increase aircraft flight time.

“One of the most challenging problems for airlines and MRO companies in [the] aviation industry is to apply several maintenance cards that have different application intervals by keeping the duration of aircraft on the ground at a minimum,” says Ahmet Karaman, Turkish Technic’s general manager. “After a detailed research process, we have chosen ICRON for the optimization of our maintenance cards.”

The software, which is part of ICRON’s graphical scheduling and modeling system (GSAMS) platform, has functionality to coordinate schedules for workforce, spare parts, equipment and more. ICRON says it allows for real-time visibility of all day-to-day operations while reducing turnaround times and cost. The software’s user interface supports mobile devices and can run on the cloud, although the company says most customers prefer local server architecture for security reasons.

Turkish Technic says the goal with implementing the new software is to keep aircraft in the air as much as possible by decreasing maintenance turnaround time and minimizing maintenance occurrences at the macro level. According to a spokesperson for the company, ICRON’s software will support these goals by determining the maintenance check concept in a very short time for a new fleet and analyzing the plausibility of check intervals for the existing sub-fleet types.

Maarten Baltussen, ICRON’s chief revenue officer, says the new contract with Turkish Technic is a milestone in the company’s 25-year history. “After having SAESL, the MRO division of Singapore Airlines, as a customer for several years, getting Turkish Technic on board means the recognition of ICRON as a market leader in airline MRO solutions,” he says.

According to ICRON, SAESL’s implementation of its MRO software has dramatically reduced repair turnaround time by automatically updating and optimizing the company’s schedule six times a day in less than half an hour.

Turkish Technic aims to have writing of the software’s code completed at the end of April and it will be designing user interfaces in the meantime. The company’s goal is to go live with the new optimization tool by the end of May.

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