New gadgets for WinAir 7 WinAir

WinAir Enhances Its Maintenance Software Offerings

The company has released new Win Air 7 modules for better data visualization and part sales management.

Aviation management software WinAir 7 has recently added enhanced functionality for data visualization and managing part sales. According to the software provider, the new Part Sales module and gadgets for WinAir 7’s Dashboards enhancement will provide better ease and transparency in managing maintenance and inventory challenges.

The enhanced Part Sales module, which is fully integrated with WinAir 7’s Maintenance and Inventory modules, enables instant access to part sales-related data across a company’s departments. According to Kyle Vergeer, managing director at WinAir, the functionality provides easy access to required details when receiving an inquiry about a particular part, when processing an order or when generating a quote.

“This enhanced module offers advanced sales quoting and order processing functionality that is intrinsically tied to a company’s maintenance and inventory data in WinAir,” says Vergeer. “This provides aviation operations with accurate inventory counts, improves the transaction processing timeline and unifies all required departments into the sales workflow.”

WinAirWinAir 7 Part Sales Module

Vergeer adds that the module will help companies justify their cost structure, “as maintenance history directly relates to the condition and sale of parts.” The Part Sales module provides comprehensive part condition history, including data about number of hours logged on a part or relevant airworthiness directives.

In addition to the new module, WinAir has introduced a corresponding Part Sales Dashboard gadget, which enables users to monitor real-time system data in visual format for “instant awareness of current performance.” According to the company, all of its new Dashboard gadgets provide easily interpretable data about maintenance, inventory and finance through a variety of graph formats. Other recently released gadgets include Aircraft Utilization, Total Labor per Base and Top 5 Vendors by Value.

The enhanced Part Sales module is available for WinAir’s Operator, Heliops and MRO packages, but the company says it can also be obtained as part of a custom, all-inclusive or inventory-only package option.

The MRO package includes functionality for maintenance controls, inventory management and simplified invoicing. Vergeer says an MRO provider could use the Part Sales module for scenarios such as preparing sales quotes, processing returns and managing cores.

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