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Pattonair Thinks Better Logistics Can Cut Turnaround Time Significantly

Due to MRO growth projections, OEMs and MROs will either need more capacity or additional efficiencies.

OEMs and MROs are looking for “further levels of optimization than they haven’t seen before,” which prompted Pattonair to expand its MRO Services offerings—largely focused on logistics that can cut up to 20% of shop turnaround time, says Jim Smith, director of Pattonair MRO Services. “We looked at customer requirements and then worked backwards from that” to see how it could make processes and services more efficient, he says.

Due to projected MRO growth and the load capacity that they have, “we can see that shops get saturated fairly quickly,” adds Smith. Instead of adding more buildings and staff, “we’re trying to optimize efficiency to offset infrastucture limitations.”

An example is “smart kitting,” which looks at what the technician or inspector will need to perform a job—in the order in which he or she will do it because Smith says “we see 25-40% lost time in a typical shift looking for tooling, equipment, parts” and such, so Pattonair tries to optimize the fitting time. The fully integrated kit could include new and used parts, consumables, tooling and resins—whatever is needed for the job.

In addition to smart kitting, it’s also looking at intelligent warehouse concepts and “warehouse in a box” solutions.

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