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Aerospace ERP Provider Seeing Shift to Paperless Maintenance

After seeing many of its customers move towards paperless maintenance, Pentagon 2000 plans to expand its own portfolio of mobile apps.

Pentagon 2000, the aerospace and defense ERP software firm, has seen a set of its customers make the move towards paperless maintenance. “A broad set of maintenance activities including planning, inventory management, operations and finance, are all supported with mobile and paperless interfaces,” explains VP business development Kirk Bauer.

“Each area of the MRO workflow can be conducted in part or in full using a paperless environment, so some customers are moving rapidly to a fully paperless environment while others are moving in a more measured way by using mobile paperless interfaces for portions of their business that provide the highest payback, such as automating the inventory picking process or providing iPad apps for supervisor activities on the MRO shop floor.”

Pentagon has thus enhanced its system to include web-server applications with standardized HTML5 browser interfaces and also mobile apps that run on iPads and iPhones using Apple iOS. The software can be configured to support paperless maintenance using mobile apps on iPads or Windows apps on workstations and laptops. “Several methods are available to support digital sign-offs for operations and task cards,” Bauer notes. “Each customer can determine the most effective method to use for support of their operations.”

Pentagon’s support of paperless operations is important because its ERP solution is widely used, having been licensed by about 1,000 companies over the years, including OEMs such as Boeing, Airbus and Thales, large airlines shops such as United Tech Ops, material and repair managers at All Nippon, independent MROs like HEICO Repair, part distributors, traders and brokers. The software includes direct interfaces with ILS, PartsBase, Aeroxchange, SPEC2000, and other services.

Bauer says Pentagon will be further expanding its support for mobile and paperless MRO. It currently offers 25 mobile apps, has a vendor web portal, a customer e-commerce web portal and its own internal-only web-browser apps.

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