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AFI KLM E&M Furthers Develops Predictive Maintenance Software

Work with French tech startup Lokad has centered on predictive analysis and management software.

Global MROs are offering much more than maintenance to their customers. Of course, when providing flight-hour support, logistics, part pools, predictive tools and much else may be included in the service bundle. But major MROs are also offering useful services ala carte.

For example, AFI KLM E&M and the statisticians and mathematicians at Paris-based Lokad have developed a predictive analysis and management software to optimize airlines’ component inventories.

Developed under AFI KLM E&M’s innovation platform, The MRO Lab, the inventory solution has been developed for airlines and operators that own their stock of components and spare parts. Using specially-written algorithms, the software generates recommendations for optimizing stocking choices.

For each part number, the Lokad software suggests the number to order, the distribution of stocks across base and line stations and the amount of excess inventory that might be profitably sold without risk of adverse effects on operations.

Recommendations are updated daily and sent to each airline’s logistics team through a web interface.

Lokad has some impressive credentials in the inventory optimization business. It won a Microsoft Azure Partner of The Year Award and has been named as one of Europe’s 100 hottest startups by Wired Magazine.

It begins the optimization with probabilistic forecasts based on machine learning and big data. And Lokad stresses that its forecasting engine does not require statistical skills on the part of airline users. The software auto-configures itself based entirely on the data that is provided, saving months of work and increasing accuracy.

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