Skywise-reliability-analysis.jpg Airbus

Airbus Unveils New Analysis Software

The aircraft maker will add Skywise Reliability with its Skywise Core offering.

Airbus has presented its new reliability analysis software, Skywise Reliability, offered with Skywise Core.

The application integrates all relevant fleet-wide data, such as part replacements, flight plans and delays and historical maintenance actions, and fully automates reliability reporting, saving airlines hours per week.

Furthermore, it allows users to drill down into trends to truly diagnose root causes so they can allocate resources to mitigate recurring operational interruptions.

The new app also complements internal data with worldwide anonymized fleet data so that airlines can proactively assess reliability performance against industry benchmarks and understand whether a recurring issue is unique or a more systematic issue.

Thanks to Skywise Reliability, airlines have already reported that they can typically reduce the reliability process time from one week to one day. Since launch in June 2018, 28 airlines have been connected to Skywise Reliability, including easyJet, Allegiant, WOW Air, Bangkok Airways and Etihad.

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