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Another Installation-Free IFE System

The whole system is in the virtual reality headset.

For airlines worried about the downtime, STC and installation costs of embedded inflight entertainment or connectivity systems, vendors continue to come up with innovative solutions that make entertaining passengers simple and easy. One of the latest innovations has been Allosky’s SkyLights virtual reality headsets.

“One of the advantages of SkyLights is that it operates as a standalone system that can be deployed instantly without changing a single bolt on the aircraft,” explains spokesman Rory Gillies. “SkyLights works with airline logistics partners to load the headsets on and off the aircraft, clean, service and update them.”

At the same time, SkyLights was developed to be a premium entertainment offering. It transports passengers into their personal movie theatre, where they can enjoy 2D, 3D and 360° films, as well as series and documentaries, on a full high-definition cinema-sized screen with 1080 pixels per eye. As films are delivered using a cinematic virtual reality headset, passengers are relieved of any distractions around them and can comfortably watch a film in any sitting or lying position as the screen remains fixed in front of their eyes.

In terms of content, unlike many installed inflight entertainment and connectivity systems, SkyLights also offers a catalog of early-window films from its partners 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Lionsgate.

The SkyLights solution covers everything from headsets and content to software and logistical setup. The virtual-reality headset is a standalone device and stores content internally, so it has no wiring or connectivity requirements. However, it can also be connected to conventional IFE systems if desired to increase the size of the catalog.

SkyLights solution has been used by passengers on over 6,000 flights since the beginning of 2016 by Air France’s new airline Joon, XL Airways, a French leisure carrier and in Corsair’s business class cabin. The company is now focusing on securing deployments around the globe, with pilot projects ongoing or recently finished with Alaska Airlines, Emirates, Etihad and others.

Although the system can be deployed without an STC or installation work, SkyLights is also developing an in-seat model that would make logistics –replenishing content – easier. This version has been demonstrated in partnership with premium-seat manufacturer Stelia of the Airbus Group. “While this product is still in early development stages, airlines can start integrating it today, with certification done on a fleet-by-fleet basis,” Gilles

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