BA CityFlyer Goes Live With ‘OASES’ ETL Interface

Engineering and maintenance system provider Commsoft has developed an interface for BA CityFlyer which connects the carrier’s existing NVable’s ‘Appixo’ electronic technical log (ETL) with the ‘OASES’ maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) system from Commsoft. The ‘OASES’ ETL interface went into operation across BA CityFlyer’s airline network in November 2012. In collaboration with NVable, Commsoft developed the interface in two stages; the first focusing on the transfer of flight, sector and fluid uplift data and the second dealing with engineering defect and component change data. By facilitating the transmission of real-time data from the ETL on the flight deck, the interface enables proactive maintenance, allowing defects to be resolved more quickly. Other benefits include potential fuel savings from better fuel management based on operational data.

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