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A digital display of parts documentation from Trace Tree Power Werks/Turbojet

A Closer Look At What Digital Traceability Might Become

A streamlined way to interact and review parts documentation.

Because there is no standard for what should be included in parts documentation packages, what is delivered can be quite different. That is only compounded when asking for back-to-birth documentation. In addition, standards don't exist for reviewing documentation--so the whole process can be riddled with inefficiencies—and a lot of paper.

To streamline this, TurboJet’s Power Werks division created Trace Tree, a paperless, interactive trace review platform.

Ryan Sheley, co-founder of TurboJet with his wife Pat, explains what it looks like to request traceability documents for multiple parts currently: “You’re going to get five different packs, and everyone of them looks different.”

Within Trace Tree’s PowerPack is a brief introductory summary including flight cycles or operator location to help identify if the records might meet certain standards before the complete review is started.

Once the user determines that he or she will move forward with the review, time allotments for each section is displayed. Power Werks created codes such as “Single Engine Single Operator” (SESO) or “Multiple Engine Multiple Operator” (MEMO) to assign which parts might, for obvious reason, have longer statements and therefore take longer to review.

Each representative can invite additional members of the team to the review process. Moreover, each time one member views another person’s progress, the other member receives a “nudge” that it’s been checked in. Reviewers also can annotate or include questions within the document for a collaborative process.

The largest problem Sheley says the Power Werks platform fixes is the frivolous follow-up that comes with traceability of a life-limited part (LLP). By streamlining the traceability records of the life-cycle of a part, reviewing and approving the requirements needed for the LLP should quicken.

While feedback is great, Sheley says that continued customer awareness and creating demand is the next step. The largest challenge for now, he describes, is marketing the software. He’s found that demonstrations with customers is the most effective way to get a customer on board, but it’s becoming too time-consuming.

So far there are over 600 users from operators and MROs using the Power Werks platform, with a potential market of about 800 total operators, according to Sheley.



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