Delta and Airbus Further Predictive Maintenance Collaboration, Resulting in Skywise Contract

Delta using Skywise for A320 and A330 predictive maintenance.

As part of Delta TechOps’ investment in predictive maintenance technology, it signed a multi-year contract with Airbus to use its Skywise open-data platform for its Airbus A320s and A330s--about 400 aircraft.

Delta sees the tool as a way to reach its ultimate goal--100% reliability—but the process has been iterative.

Delta started collaborating with Airbus on the design of Skywise’s predictive maintenance service’s precursor, Prognostic Risk Management, in 2015. A year later, the airline became the launch customer of the web-based application that Airbus developed with IBM—using the tool to prevent A330 component and system failures, and hence, operational disruptions.

Then at the Paris Air Show in 2017, Delta and Airbus announced they were working on expanding the predictive modeling from PRM into the Skywise platform.

Fast forwarding to today, the latest contract means Delta can use the predictive maintenance services on Skywise—“beyond just storing and organizing data, actually sorting it in a way that makes it possible to predict faults, thanks to the built-in cross-analysis of different parameters and the analysis of trends and patterns,” says an Airbus spokesman.

Delta says it has operated 248 days without a maintenance-related cancellation so far this year.

Airbus says it has 29 Skywise customer contracts that cover more than 3,000 aircraft.

TAGS: Big Data
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