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MROs are increasing their digital capabilities through new investments.

Fresh off some major additions to its engine maintenance capabilities, Abu Dhabi-based Sanad Aerotech has revealed plans to advance its digitalization and automization.

The company hopes that new technology will help reduce its turnaround times by 15%, to which end it has signed a deal with enterprise software giant SAP for an automated maintenance process tool.

These will supplement other technologies at the Middle Eastern MRO, including RFID tracking of engine parts, AI-enable voice data capture, smart wrenches and a blockchain digital ledger.

“Time is money and this fact that has never been more relevant than in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when speed to market is a decisive competitive advantage,” said Sanad Aerotech CEO Mansoor Janahi, adding: “These newly deployed assets are highly efficient, disruptive technologies that utilise the latest advancements in digital systems.

One example of a time saving is provided by smart wrenches, which tighten automatically to the required torque values of each specific bolt.

However, such gains do not come without their own challenges, notable among which is the need to find a common software language that enables different devices from different manufacturers to interact where needed.

For example, Lufthansa Technik – writing in Engine Yearbook 2020 – has highlighted the challenge of introducing digital calipers from different manufacturers, each using their own wireless transmission system.

Lufthansa Technik therefore worked with an independent provider to develop a system to digitally connect the measuring equipment of the different manufacturers and to transmit the data to job cards, a system that could then be applied to other equipment,

“Now employees simply scan the barcode on the measuring equipment, which then connects automatically and allows the measurement process to commence,” Lufthansa Technik writes.

For more on the benefits and challenges of digitalization in the MRO space, see Engine Yearbook 2020.

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