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Exposure On Avmax Fleet Boosts Flyht's Data-Streaming Service

Company sees potential with other lessors.

Real-time flight-data streaming specialist Flyht is seeing an uptake in its core Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) product through its partnership with lessor Avmax Group.

The two companies teamed up in 2015 in a deal to equip Avmax's entire existing and planned fleet—146 Bombardier CRJs and Dash 8s—with AFIRS 228. Avmax obtained supplemental type certificates (STCs) for the Dash 8 wor, and has taken delivery of 21 systems. 

Avmax, which leases aircraft, operates two airlines, provides MRO services, and has an extensive presence in the oil-and-gas-exploration sector, is installing them as aircraft become available—usually when transitioning between operators.

 The rollout, slated to take seven years, already is paying dividends, Flyht CEO Thomas Schmutz says.

"This led to…three different instances of customers receiving the Avmax-equipped aircraft as part of their fleet, becoming familiar with Flyht's product through that leasing of the aircraft, and then going on and buying our product for other aircraft that are within their fleet," Schmutz told analysts on a recent earnings call. "We're using our relationship with Avmax to demonstrate to other lessors within the industry how valuable a product that AFIRS is, and how it can help them to manage their fleets."

AFIRS, an Iridium-based satellite communications device installed on aircraft, works with the company's software and ground server to transmit data to the ground in real time. Operators can subscribe to different services, including flight tracking, flight-data streaming and health monitoring. The unit includes a quick-access recorder and supports voice capabilities.

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