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Fast 5: GE Looks To Enhance Robotics Capabilities

Lance Herrington, integration leader for OC Robotics at GE Aviation, shares details of the summer acquisition.

What was the motivation for GE behind the OC acquisition?

OC Robotics fits very well into GE Aviation’s Services organization, specifically in our Advanced Engineering Repair Development function. This acquisition also will help change the way GE supports customers on the ground with on-wing engine repair and inspection.

What technical advantages will the acquired capabilities bring?

OC Robotics technologies can maneuver in tight spaces, which will enable new repairs to be developed and aid the on-wing support teams as they work to inspect and repair engines on wing.

Will OC Robotics continue as a separate entity or will it be brought under the GE name?

We continue to work to integrate OC Robotics into the GE Aviation Portfolio which will eventually include rebranding the business as part of the GE portfolio.

Will robotics in MRO be primarily centered on engine inspections or do you foresee this being further expanded long-term?

It will be a mixture: encompassing both inspections as well as on-wing repairs over the long-term.

Following the June announcement, what is then next step of the acquisition process?

Day-to-day, it is business as usual for OC Robotics, but with the added support of a bigger team and investment to help expanded product offering for the future. In the near-term, we will continue to learn from OC Robotics entrepreneurial and lean approach with robotics technology.

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