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Fault Management Gets More Streamlined

The ChronicX fault detection management tool update allows operators to group defects by component over time.

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) announced April 25 an updated version of its fault and defects detection and management tool, ChronicX. 

ChronicX now has the added capabilities of “Custom Alerts”, allowing airlines and MROs to identify defect reports that match user-defined rules. For example, a technician could request a report to identify all defects under a certain description in a specific timeframe. If the description is “nose wheel shimmy”, the custom alerts will categorize all of the issues and corrective actions of that component, including all its possible variations like “NWS shimmy” or “nose gear vib”.

Without the program, operators might not notice trends or recognize specific historied incidents for a component. “Previously, customers would need to use excel or a built tool to sift through hundreds or thousands of reports to find specific groupings,” says Steve Lightstone, ATP vice president of the ChronicX line of business.

Now, the program uses text-matching algorithms which are constantly updated and customized of ChronicX to identify the rules, which are created using built-in rule templates and lists drawn from the operator’s fleet data. A customer has reported the time spent looking and attempting to group problems for its Boeing 777 fleet reduced from four hours to five minutes daily.

The update is available to subscribers of ChronicX for free. ChronicX is a subscription service with annual fees based on fleet size.

Custom Alerts was created from customer feedback, and Lightstone says eventually an automatic recoding for ATA coding will be added as well. Two of the largest four operators use ChronicX and three national flag carriers outside of the U.S. are also clients. More than 2,000 aircraft are tracked using the software, and the team expects that number to double this year.

Other ATP maintenance products include ATP Aviation Hub for reference content, ATP Maintenance for maintenance tracking and airworthiness management and Spotlight for integrated troubleshooting.

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