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The use of drones and robotics for inspections will increase in 2017.

MRO Market Taking New Directions In 2017

Top 10 Predictions for MRO

The civil aviation aftermarket is undergoing fundamental changes to its structure and technologies. Boeing is one company to watch in 2017 as it launches its new Global Services unit, designed to triple its services business. Here are some trends we expect to see in the new year. 

Predict and Share

Expect more focus on predictive maintenance. This will be enabled by more data that does not come from the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, as well as breakthroughs in industry data-sharing that are format-agnostic—a problem that has been a big barrier.

Save a Tree

More line and base maintenance operations will become paperless to improve productivity and processes. As an example, in early 2017, Finnair Technical Operations will launch Apple iOS apps from IBM for line maintenance.


Credit: EasyJet

The use of drones and robotics for inspections will increase.

But Are You Competent?

Expect more focus on competency-based training, given the number of technicians needed around the world—and the requirement to learn new technologies—even though regulators are moving toward traditional time-based criteria.

Interior Design

Credit: Finnair

Airlines will continue to refresh and refurbish interiors, but seats still will cause bottlenecks.

Cross-Border Lease Transfers

Work has been underway for years, but signs from different entities signal progress will be made to start eliminating inefficiencies and waste.


Anticipate more joint ventures and partnerships to form between aftermarket service providers and among MROs and OEMs.

Supply Chain Smarts

Credit: Boeing

New services and better visibility across suppliers and networks will increase efficiencies for parts purchasing. This, along with greater use of additive manufacturing, will streamline inventories.

Silicon Valley Influence

Idea incubators and startups will accelerate time-to-market for introducing MRO technologies.

Prime Assets

The MRO market will remain hot for adjacent businesses to structure improved bundled services and gain efficiencies. 

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