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Get more from your engines with OEM approved and award-winning BlackGold®. More than 20 years of field-proven technology delivering fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs, and extended time-on-wing.

Lower Fuel & Maintenance Costs with BlackGold® Protective Coating

MDS Coating is the world leader in designing and manufacturing erosion and corrosion resistant coatings for gas turbine engine compressor systems.  Over the last 20 years, we have delivered over 5 Million compressors airfoils to global customers who have realized decreased operational and maintenance costs, fuel savings, and engine performance retention benefits.  Our award winning coatings are Nadcap and AS9100 accredited and approved by all major OEMs. 

Our nanostructured, metallic-ceramic BlackGold® coating maintains the geometry of the compressor airfoils in operations throughout the harshest of environments.  The combination of our MEERER™ ultra-low surface finish with the BlackGold® coating introduces initial aerodynamic and efficiency benefits along with the ability to retain engine performance throughout operations – ultimately saving fuel, lowering emissions, reducing compressor fouling and decreasing maintenance and total ownership costs.

In 2003, the U.S. Military was the first to implement MDS Coating’s erosion protective coating on the U.S. Marine Corps’ CH-53 helicopter.  In the same theatre-of-operation, the coating increased the average engine time-on-wing of coated over uncoated engines by up to 10 times, provided over $1 billion in cost avoidance for the CH-53 fleet.  With this success, our coatings have been implemented on over 10 different helicopter platforms. 

In the commercial aviation sector, our BlackGold® coating has been flying for over 10 years, which includes approvals for both the CFM56-5B and 7B engines.  A commercial operator has tracked performance of engines with a BlackGold® coated compressor versus an uncoated compressor that were installed on the same aircraft.  With both engines about 25% through a typical tour, the BlackGold® coated engine is consuming 1.5% less fuel than the uncoated engine. 

The coating’s ability to protect against the most abrasive particles ingested into commercial jet engines during flight is shown in the photo comparing an uncoated and coated compressor blade exposed to volcanic ash.   Two (2) kilograms of volcanic ash completely erodes through an uncoated blade, while the coated blade both protects against erosion and maintains a very smooth surface finish after three (3) kg of volcanic ash exposure.

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