Verisurf CMM Master Jen Deglmann

Product Highlight: 3D Measurement System

Verisurf displayed its CAD measurement software on the Master3DGage and CMM Master at MRO Americas.

At MRO Americas in Orlando, April 25 - 27, Verisurf, a 3D computer aided design (CAD) measurement software company, displayed its technology on the Master3DGage and CMM Master for exhibition attendees.

One of Verisurf's resellers, Measurement Supply, accompanied the product demonstration booth. The trend has started in the industry to verify parts off of original CAD models as an alternative to specifications on paper, which implies more errors and revision changes. Verisurf's software can quickly align, inspect and report in model based definition (MBD) in minutes, within one software.

Jen Deglmann

The Master3DGage (above) provides 3D inspection and reverse engineering to inspect components parts and verifies part quality. The portable system, including the case, weighs about 74 lb. (33.5 kg) and operates with probing volumetric accuracy at .00098 in. (.0025 mm) and probing point repeatability at .00055 in. (.014 mm). The equipment measures up to 4 ft. of volume and the scanner has a point acquisition rate of 45,000 points per second.

Jen Deglmann

The CMM Master (above), based on the Renishaw Equator platform, is a system that uses Verisurf's software technology for a 24 parameter calculation to volumetrically error map the 3D measurement volume. The equipment comes with a six position auto change probe pack, fixture plates, a joystick, a 3-axis scanning probe and a one-year warranty.

Verisurf's customers including American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Gulfstream and Edwards Interiors, and the company offers on-site demonstrations for potential customers to show the customized use case of the product. Measurement Supply also offers equipment and insturments including machine tool pre-setters and tool maanagement, surface finishing testers, laser scan micrometers, measuring and laboratory microscopes and hand-held scanners.


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