Applying the radome technology Lufthansa Technik
The radome is up to 200 lb. (100 kg) lighter than the original.

Product Spotlight: Lufthansa Technik's New TIOS Radome

The radome from Lufthansa Technik material layers allow frequencies in the Ka-band, which means double the speed of data transfer.

Luftahansa Technik has announced a two-in-one solution (TIOS) antenna radome for the Boeing 737-700 and -800. The antenna, installed on the vertical stabilizer to reduce drag and positively affect the aircraft’s center of gravity, will make it possible to install Ka-band antennas to provide high-speed internet, TV connections and a high-definition camera.

The radome is up to 200 lb. (100 kg) lighter than the original and is FAA validated and has an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate.

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