Rockwell Collins To Ka-Band Internet Via GX Aviation

Through its recent acquisition of Arinc and following a deal with Inmarsat, Rockwell Collins is to provide Ka-band satellite communications. Jeff Standerski, SVP of information management services (IMS) for Rockwell Collins, said: "Airlines need to know they can provide the same service on every flight, all over the world, and that is what Inmarsat provides. The imminent launch of GX Aviation is very exciting and we are looking forward to working with airlines to bring a broad range of new applications to airlines and passengers." The first of three GX Aviation satellites is already in orbit and undergoing final testing. The second and third are scheduled to be in place before the end of the year. The airborne hardware is in the production phase; testing and certification will happen in early 2015, at which point GX Aviation will be available for airlines. It will provide internet speeds of 50Mbps virtually everywhere across the globe.

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