Safety Management Software Can Save Time And Mistakes

Paper or non-integrated digital systems increasingly pressured by tougher requirements.

Safety and regulatory demands are only going to get tougher, and managing them will require stronger systems. To help with some of these demands, Joramco contracted Ideagen to use the company’s Q-Pulse software to improve both quality and safety. The Jordanian MRO thus joined aircraft maintenance companies or units at Lufthansa Technik, Vector Aerospace, Cobham and BAE Systems, plus many non-aircraft companies, as Q-Pulse users.

The 25-year-old software is designed to support MROs by eliminating bureaucracy and automating and streamlining business processes for regulatory compliance, safety management and risk management, explains Ideagen spokesman Joe O’Brien. “The software provides a single point of reference to manage all compliance activities, eliminating duplication of records and effort,” O’Brien stresses. “Policies, processes and work instructions are controlled, managed and distributed with minimum effort and with full visibility of any outstanding actions.”

Manual, paper-based quality and safety management systems risk non-compliance, accidents, inefficiency and lost money. Ad-hoc spreadsheets and Word documents in electronic folders mean little control of processes and difficulties in maintaining records or compliance. “Scattered, siloed information hampers operating efficiency and effectiveness in MRO,” O’Brien argues. “Putting your hand on essential management information when and where you need it can be tricky in many MRO organizations.”

Users of paper or dispersed electronic systems often must look in several places to get information, try to follow paper trials, and then find only contradictory data or simply inadequate data. And even when successful, these expensive staff are wasting time in searches. O’Brien says Q-Pulse solves these problems by offering a single, thoroughly integrated approach to safety and quality management.

Ideagen expects safety and regulatory burdens will increase in the future due to fleet expansion, more regulations, more audits, more data sharing and analysis and the shift to performance-based regulation. So the company is now launching an enhanced application, Q-Pulse 7. ”We are in the middle of a beta program at the moment with some selected organizations, with the view of release this year,” O’Brien says.

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