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TRAX Builds Mobile Apps On- And Offline

TRAX is developing two more mobile apps for its maintenance software.

The first is an inventory app for warehouse transactions, and the second is an RFID app for checking the presence and status of RFID-equipped gear like life jackets, oxygen canisters and door cylinders.

Both may be launched in 2017.

TRAX already offers mobile apps for pilots, cabin crew and line techs, as well as electronic task cards and documentation for base techs.

Managing director Chris Reed says TRAX began going mobile four years ago.

Its initial mobile apps worked only when the user was online and thus were not very popular in a business where connectivity can be spotty.

Now its mobile apps all work offline as well, allowing users to enter and retrieve data when offline, then synch up with the maintenance system when connectivity is restored. Reed says this dual capability is drawing a great deal of interest.

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