8Tree Inspection Tool 8Tree

Watch How 8Tree’s 3D Inspection Technology Works

Arun Chhabra, CEO of 8Tree, discusses the company’s origins and how it’s 3D inspection technology works at MRO Americas in Orlando, April 26.

8Tree’s eight lb. wireless hand-held device that maps out three-dimensional dents has a 4.5 hour battery life and can save select inspections with the touch of a button.

The cost depends on the operator size and needs and includes the initial purchase and maintenance support. 8Tree also offers month-to-month leases.

Designed to use intuitively, little training or certification is required for maintenance technicians or operators to use. Additionally, no programming or post-processing is required by the user.

You can find other inspection technology options for aviation maintenance at MRO Links, MRO-Network.com's searchable directory.

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