Watson Helps Turn a Wrench

Watson Helps Turn a Wrench

IBM’s dazzlingly powerful Watson system is not too proud to help out on the maintenance line.

IBM has been using Watson’s Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning capabilities to help engineers and line techs at several airlines handle defects better.

Kanishka Agiwal, associate partner in IBM’s Watson Travel & Transportation division, says Watson can make sense of a mass of unstructured data, including informal written notes by techs who have fixed problems on the line, to help do two very important things: anticipate defects so they can be turned into scheduled rather than unscheduled maintenance; and fix the remaining surprises faster when they occur by knowing what works most frequently.

The Watson-aided system has significantly reduced line-maintenance time and no fault founds, while increasing airline ability to have the right parts at the right out-stations.

Agiwal says he does not know of any other firm that can exploit all the riches in unstructured data as well as IBM with Watson.

Those who wish to know more can learn more at the Watson Developer Conference, November 9 through 10, at the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco.

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