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Aircraft Test Equipment Providers Keeping Up With New Tech

New aircraft technologies call for upgraded testing capabilities, and these aircraft test equipment providers are bringing adaptable solutions to the table.

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1. Combined Testing Experience 

Company: Testek and Avtron Aerospace 

Testek and Avtron Aerospace

Combined Testing Experience

Specifications: Joining forces in 2016 through an acquisition by Aero Test Group, Testek and Avtron Aerospace provide “nose-to-tail” test solutions for a wide range of commercial and military aircraft. With their combined range of products, they provide testing for manufacturing and development as well as platform and component design. While manufacturing and supplying equipment for testing all types of aircraft components—such as avionics, hydraulics and pneumatics—the group also specializes in turnkey installation of fully integrated test facilities and special systems. Testek is expanding its more than 85,000 ft.2 of manufacturing space, and recently broke ground on an addition to its Wixom, Michigan, facility. Testek and Avtron Aerospace say their 110+ years of combined experience positions them to be a leader in the segment, particularly in upgrading test equipment to support aging aircraft and keeping pace with advances in technology.


2. More Than a Century of Service 

Company: Bauer 


More Than A Century Of Service

Specifications: With worldwide locations from Belgrade to Beijing, and customers across commercial and military aerospace, Bauer has been manufacturing aircraft component testing equipment since 1916. What started as an electrical contractor in Connecticut grew to a global aircraft component test equipment business with over 6,000 projects completed. Bauer provides test systems for fuel, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electro-mechanical components and recently delivered its 7,500th test stand. To meet requirements for new-technology aircraft, Bauer has established an automation and controls division to find innovative solutions—including continuous development of the company’s ATS3000 test software and MTS7000 electronic test system.

3. Turnkey Test Solutions 

Company: Test Logic 

Test Logic

Turnkey Test Solutions

Specifications: Based in Connecticut, Test Logic has been supplying turbine engine and transmission test equipment to the aerospace industry for more than 20 years. With testing systems used by MROs, OEMs, military organizations and other customers, Test Logic also designs and manufactures dynamometer test cells, APU cells and transmission and component test stands. The company has the ability to provide turnkey test cell systems, including its LogiCell modular test cell product, which is delivered preassembled to a customer’s site—making installation quick and easy. Test Logic’s test cell systems come with engine control and instrumentation, automated data acquisition and support systems for engine start, lube oil, fuel and cooling systems. The company provides on-site installation as well as training and support for test equipment.

4. Innovative Testing Products 

Company: Barfield 


Innovative Testing Products

Specifications: As an American subsidiary of AFI KLM-E&M, Barfield’s large workforce and six U.S. facilities offer a wide range of services, including a variety of ground-support test equipment. The company’s MRO Lab program has developed innovative solutions for test equipment such as its 3D-scanning technology to inspect and measure hail damage to aircraft—which the company says can cut inspection time by up to 80%. In addition to several lines of testing products for fuel quantity, turbine temperature and more, Barfield is innovating with a tablet app to support reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) air data testing. The app, which can function as a remote for the company’s DPS1000 and 1811NG test sets, connects to the test sets via Wi-Fi and was recently upgraded with new features such as a split-screen PDF reader and automatic firmware updates.

5. Adaptable Motion Simulation Testing 

Company: Ideal Aerosmith 

Ideal Aerosmith

Innovative Testing Products

Best known for its motion simulation test equipment, Ideal Aerosmith has been providing aerospace testing solutions since 1938. Its motion simulation testing systems include single and multi-axis rate and position tables for testing inertial sensors, as well as electro-mechanical and hydraulic flight motion simulation systems. Ideal Aerosmith also provides full turn-key test benches, test laboratory services, radar test solutions and refurbishment of legacy machines. The company prides itself on adapting services to meet customer needs while meeting tight timelines—a recent example being the company's completion of a motion simulation table for a client with very tight audible noise requirements within the environmental chamber, which required Ideal Aerosmith to problem solve while pushing the limits of motion simulation technology.


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