Maintenance using Barfield App for GSE testing equipment Barfield/AFI KLM E&M

Does Your App Need An Upgrade?

Barfield announces an automatic app upgrade for its ground support equipment test systems.

Barfield, a manufacturer of ground support test equipment, announced March 7 with its parent company Air France Industries KLM Engineering and Maintenance, a release of the firmware upgrade on the Barfield ADTS app to support the DPS1000 (digital pilot static test set).

The free app, developed for Android and iOS and available in respective stores, acts as a remote that wirelessly connects to the DPS1000, then detects the firmware version. The upgrade is automatically triggered if the test set firmware is older than the app’s most recent version.

The DPS1000 is a reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) air data test set that performs altimeter and static systems tests and inspections on aircraft. The tests on pumps, valves or static/altitude transducers are designed to improve flightline accuracy. The DPS1000, for commercial aviation, and the 1811NG for general aviation, helicopters, UAVs and non-RVSM regional and corporate aircraft, also can be used for cabin pressure and inlet barrier filter (BF) test modes.

The app supports the testing equipment but requires available and seamless updates to be most effective. “The single largest logistics challenge to support a product that would continually improve is maintaining software compatibility. Our solution was to imbed the new DPS1000 firmware upgrade into the app,” says Lew Wingate, VP of ground support test equipment and distribution.

You can find software and technology options for aviation ground support and inspection equipment at MRO Links,’s searchable directory.

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