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Foxcom Debuts New Solution for Indoor Satellite Testing

The Hangar Repeater Solution will allow 24/7 avionics testing of Inmarsat, Iridium and GPS satellite signals while aircraft are indoors.

Aircraft satellite signal testing will now be possible 24/7, regardless of weather, thanks to Foxcom’s new Hangar Repeater Solution. The solution, which provides communication inside buildings or underground without needing a direct line of sight to the sky, enables aircraft ground engineers to perform avionics testing of Inmarsat, Iridium and GPS satellite signals without moving aircraft in and out of a hangar.

According to Foxcom, the new testing solution will provide a rapid return on investment by reducing AOG time and costs for overall maintenance, fuel (since aircraft no longer need to be moved for testing) and heating and cooling (since hangar doors can be kept closed).

The Hangar Repeater Solution consists of passive outdoor antennas connected to indoor antennas via cable or fiber. The solution allows multiple types of satellite signals to be distributed and re-transmitted throughout the hangar or any underground facility to multiple locations. According to a spokesperson for Foxcom, the solution uses proven direct modulation RF over fiber (RFOF) techniques and high-quality radio frequency (RF) components to repeat signals.

Foxcom says the Hangar Repeater Solution is the latest in a highly successful range of repeaters launched by the company in 2013. A spokesperson says the newest version offers better RF performances and more flexibility than previous versions, which makes it suitable for more installation scenarios. According to Foxcom, installation takes approximately one day and entails mounting an outdoor unit and connecting it to the antennas. A cable from the outdoor unit connects inside the hangar to a transmitting antenna. The company adds that an existing Foxcom repeater can easily be upgraded to add Inmarsat compatibility.

Work on Inmarsat support started two months ago and Foxcom says it took one month to complete. According to the company, the repeater solution development is an ongoing project and Foxcom is constantly exploring and implementing changes to provide better results.

The new Hangar Repeater Solution is on sale now and Foxcom says interested buyers will need to contact the company for pricing information.

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