ATS-6100 WFT Emirates/Astronics Test Systems

New Portable Wire Testing Solution Aims to Extend Aircraft Life

The new handheld ATS-6100 WFT from Astronics Test Systems can pinpoint faults without the need to disconnect and move wires around.

Astronics Test Systems is introducing a new wire fault testing solution aimed at extending the life of aging aircraft. The company’s ATS-6100 WFT is a portable, handheld tablet that can be used to detect both existing and potential wire faults.

According to Steve Fairbanks, senior director of marketing, products and instrumentation at Astronics, aircraft contain thousands of feet of wiring that are highly vulnerable to malfunctions due to a rugged environment. “The ATS-6100 WFT removes the guesswork traditionally associated with wire fault testing, using patented technology to accurately pinpoint the exact location of faults, opens and shorts anywhere in the wiring,” says Fairbanks.

Due to the ATS-6100 WFT’s ability to detect and locate both soft and hard faults, Astronics says the new product will end unnecessary purchases of replacement equipment due to misdiagnosis or “no fault found” results. The portable tablet contains software for users to test both current and future metallic conductor wiring within system cables and harnesses. As a single-ended application, Fairbanks says the ATS-6100 WFT eliminates the traditional need within wire fault testing to disconnect the opposite end of a cable for safety purposes, which requires mechanics to move complex networks of wires around to access the opposite end and increases the risk of damaging the wire. Astronics’ patented technology within the product controls the amount of voltage and power delivered through the wire, which the company says eliminates the need to disconnect the opposite end and disturb cables.

“Our core mission is to ensure optimal performance of critical systems and protect lives,” says Brian Price, executive vice president, Astronics Test Systems. “The ATS-6100 WFT eliminates guesswork, delivering the perfect balance of voltage and energy for precise fault location and easy repair.” Price says the company is excited to help customers maximize their return on investment for aging equipment with the new product.

According to Astronics, the ATS-6100 WFT is lightweight and features an ultra-rugged design. Its configurable Windows-based software is accessed on a touchscreen interface. Astronics is not sharing pricing information at this time.

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