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Testia Grows Aerospace Inspection Portfolio

Parent company Airbus has incorporated InFactory Solutions into Testia to leverage new opportunities for machine learning, mechatronics and data analytics.

Airbus has incorporated its InFactory Solutions subsidiary into its non-destructive testing (NDT) subsidiary Testia to further grow the latter’s portfolio of aerostructures inspection services and products.

InFactory Solutions, which was created in 2016, specializes in in-process control for composite manufacturing. According to InFactory, the company’s solutions can help increase production intelligence and quality, save inspection time and help companies identify optimal materials and processes for aerospace products.

Testia says the acquisition is a strategic move aimed at correlating NDT data with manufacturing data, which the company says will enable step changes in manufacturing process control.

“Of course complementing our offer to the benefit of our customers is the obvious rationale, but just as importantly we are welcoming unique competences and talents in the fields of machine learning, mechatronics and data analytics” says David Rottembourg, Testia’s managing director. 

InFactory Solutions focuses on automated fiber placement (AFP) monitoring and cure and flow front (CFF) monitoring. CFF monitoring provides spatial information about the properties of composite parts, which can be used for applications such as structural health monitoring. AFP monitoring, which detects and characterizes non-conformities in real-time, is currently being integrated on a fiber placement machine at Airbus’ Stade plant in Germany to validate the system in production.

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