PPG Window Systems Undergo Testing For FAA Certification.jpg PPG

PPG Window Systems Undergo Testing For Amended FAA Certifications

Manufacturer says cockpit window systems can detect potential future faults.

PPG has commenced with flight testing on its Winlogic intelligent window systems in order to gain amended and supplemental type certificates (STCs) from the FAA.

According to the Pittsburgh-headquartered materials, paint and coatings manufacturer, the cockpit window systems safeguard against potential electrical faults that may result in its failure by using an in-built sensor to detect major arcing and stop the heating system so that the window does not break.

Following this, according to PPG, maintenance teams can then replace any faulty windows with minimal flight disruptions.

“After years of flying, heated cockpit windows may begin to exhibit a typical sequence that leads to electrical arcing damage, causing them to fail,” said Emmanuel Francois, PPG program manager.

The WinLogic systems have already received Technical Standard Order authorization by the U.S. regulator to TSO-C178 and European Technical Standard Order authorization by EASA to ETSO-C178.

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