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Qantas, Pratt & Whitney WiseWomen, Phillips 66 and FedEx Express - Indianapolis Snap-on

Historic Wins at 2018 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

Students and all-female teams were on the podium next to airlines, MROs and service members this year.

This year’s Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) made history on multiple fronts. With 72 teams competing in a range of 28 different skills events, the competition beat last year’s record of 50 teams competing in 25 events to make it the largest AMC yet. Additionally, this year’s competition saw its first trio of all-female teams.

The all-female teams—Elevate Aviation, Pratt & Whitney WiseWomen and United Airlines Chix Fix—paved the way for more women competing in the future. To recognize their achievements, the AMC gave out an award for the Female Team category, which went to United Airlines Chix Fix. The team also placed second in the Airbus A320 CAT III Certification event and third in the ULTRAX Aerospace Condition Based Intelligence event. Meanwhile, Pratt & Whitney WiseWomen beat out all the competition by winning first place in the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbo Fan Engine event and also tied for third place in the AMC Safety Wiring Event.


In the School category, Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) Houston won first place, beating their second-place finish from last year. The AIM competitors also placed in four other events, including a first-place finish in the Alberth Aviation Wheel and Brake Removal and Installation event.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

FedEx Express – Indianapolis took home first place in the MRO/OEM category, also placing first in the FedEx Turbine Engine event and placing in five other events.

United Airlines – Cleveland swept the competition with an abundance of wins. The team won first place in the Commercial category and six different events. In addition, the team won the Bill O’Brien Award and placed within six other events.


Team Qantas took home first place in both the International category and the Barfield Fuel Quality event. The team also placed in two other events.

Phillips 66 won the General Aviation Category and placed in two other events.

On the military side, the United States Coast Guard dominated with its C-27J APO and Air Station Clearwater teams winning first and second in the Military category, respectively. Its Aero Engineers team placed in two events. 


A number of other teams had impressive showings. Alaska Airlines’ Seattle and Anchorage teams each took home a number of wins. The Seattle team won first place in four events and placed in four more. The Anchorage team won first place in two events and placed in two others.

While the United Airlines Chix Fix team was getting a lot of attention this year, the airline’s teams from Houston and Orlando made their mark as well. The Houston team placed third in the MRO/OEM category, took first place in three events and placed in another two events. The Orlando team also placed in four events.

Broward College – Team 1, which placed third in the School category, won the United Competing with Professionalism Award. The team also won first place in the Airbus A320 CAT III Certification event and placed in three more events.

American Airlines had three teams taking home honors. American Airlines - TUL won first place in the Nida Corp Power Troubleshooting event, DWH won first place in the American Airlines APU Burner Can event and third in an additional event, and DFW won third place in the Commercial category and placed second in an additional event.

 As a measure of good sportsmanship, teams that won events sponsored by their own company deferred the prize to the next team in line. Click here for a full list of winners from this year’s AMC. AMC is held in conjunction with Aviation Week's MRO Americas event.

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